Premium Aluminum Metal Roofing Shingles

Aesthetically, our “Natural Cedar” shingle line is a gorgeous product. A premium metal roof system, its unique design utilizes the unrivaled technology of BASF (click here) to move this Energy Star rated roof into the 21st century. The look of traditional cedar shingles in 3 finishes makes this an easy choice for anyone looking for a lifetime roof. With a 50 year transferable warranty it ranks at the top of the charts for durability.

The “Natural Cedar” line’s patented design and technology enable it to replicate the varied pattern, grain and colors of real cedar shingles. The trim is also custom designed, thus ensuring that the roof has a very similar finished look as an actual cedar roof.

Significant research went into the patented interlocking design. This superior design redirects wind-driven rain and prevents moisture from reaching the underside of the roof. In addition, this product achieved the highest classifications in scientific tests for hail impact, wind uplift, and wind-driven rain resistance making it a leader in the industry for severe weather hazards such as hurricanes.

We are very happy with our new roof. This is a deluxe product. Cosmetically, it is a good looking roof ... and it is not going to change colors like our old cedar roof. Our neighborhood covenants call for cedar roofs. But we were approved because it looks like the real thing. And the the snow slides right off.


Natural Cedar Metal Roofing Colors:
  • New
  • Weathered
  • Aged

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