Metal vs. Asphalt Roofs

Why should I consider a lifetime metal roof ?: 7 to 10 million tons of asphalt shingle waste is added to our landfills every year. But many times, a new metal roof can be installed directly over a shingle roof. This can save you thousands of dollars on installation.

In itself, metal roofing does not waste any resources... many styles are made with up to 98% recycled metal. We can tell you if your shingle roof can stay on under your new one.

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Many roofs, while maintaining weather tightness, begin to look aged in a relatively short period of time. Not so with Classic Metal Roofs metal roofs! A Classic Metal Roofs metal roof provides a harmonic balance between its functional and aesthetic lives. In addition, Classic metal roofs actually build value into the worth of your home!

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While metal roofing by Classic Metal Roofs is selected by discriminating, quality-conscious homeowners, it is also specified by architects on projects as varying as churches, condominiums, and libraries. We will do whatever we can to help you integrate Classic metal roofing into your next award-winning project.

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View a video on the benefits of metal roofing, here (Windows Media Player required).

recycle loopOur roofs are made from 95% recycled beverage cans.
See this video about how metal roofs conserve resources.

Experience the Classic Touch

Classic Metal Roofs’s products have led the metal roofing industry for over twenty five years by providing outstanding products, personalized customer service, expert support and above all, friendliness. We call this attention to our customers the “Classic Touch” and know that it is what separates us from others in the industry.

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Explore the pages and products on this site and see for yourself why Classic Metal Roofs offers the best metal roofs under the sun.

Do you have a flat or low-pitched roof? We have a lifetime residential warranty solution for you. See below, or this page, for more information.

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  • Eye Catching Beauty
  • Energy Efficient
  • Mold Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Proven Durability
  • Long Life
  • Weather Resistant

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Oxford Shingle: The Classic, Simple Look with Long-lasting Beauty and Energy Efficiency

Produced from heavy, thick aluminum, these fully interlocking panels install quickly and form a dependable weather barrier. Completely rust-resistant, the baked-on Kynar/Hylar finish, available in several colors, provides low gloss beauty and durability as well as fade and chalk resistance that leads the industry.

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The Classic Rustic Shingle: The Fusion of Durability and Beauty

Most roofing materials merely rest on top of one another from one course to the next -- not the best protection for wind and rain. By contrast, the Rustic Shingle has a unique, quad interlock system with all concealed fasteners that will withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store. An independent study backs up the rugged durability of the Rustic Shingle -- withstanding winds in excess of 110 mph.

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ClickLock: Premium Aluminum Standing Seam

ClickLock provides a clean, contemporary look that is architecturally scaled for residential applications. Manufactured from heavy-duty rust-free aluminum alloy, the panels and accessories are installed using all concealed fasteners. For property owners who want the distinction of standing seam, but only want the best.

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IB Roof System: The Ultimate System for your Flat or Low-Pitched Roof

The ultimate in roofing systems ever created for your flat or low-pitched roof, IB Roof Systems have had zero material failures in 20 plus years of being in business. This is enabled by cutting edge technology in single-ply membrane formulation and manufacturing. They were the first to offer a lifetime residential warranty in the flat roofing industry.

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Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofing is a great alternative to regular roofing. Aluminum roofing is more durable and will last longer. Aluminum roofing is also easier and quicker to install. When you are considering aluminum roofing, look to the pros at Classic Metal Roofs.
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Roof Repair

Roof repair can put a major dent in your wallet. So try a new approach to roof repair. Try a metal roof option instead of roof repair. A whole new roof made of the best material would replace the need for roof repair almost completely. Plus, another bonus of installing a new metal roof is that most of the time it can go right over your old roof helping to reduce the over all cost. Before you begin your roof repair, check with the experts at Classic Metal Roofs.
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Flat Roof

IB Roof Systems manufacture single-ply membrane roofs that provide the ultimate solution for your flat roof. With zero material failures in 26 years of being in business, IB was the first to offer a lifetime residential warranty in the flat roof industry. This flat roof system is a better-quality substitute and surrogate for rubber roofing technology. To build or fix your flat roof, come to us at Classic Metal Roofs.