CSI Rustic Specifications



A. Scope of Work: Contract Drawings indicate extent and general configuration of roof.
   Provide materials for and install complete roof system including, but not limited to:

   1. Metal.

   2. Underlayments.

   3. Fasteners and attachment devices.

   4. Flashings and other accessories.

   5. Attic ventilation accessories.

B. Material Included But Not Installed Under This Section:

   1. Extra Stock: Matching sheet metal for fabrication and installation under Section.
      Furnish extra stock in timely sequence.

C. Related Work Specified In Other Sections:

   For use over solid plywood decking.  Rustic Shingle can be installed over or smooth
   composition shingles .provided the composition shingles are smooth and installed over
   solid decking. Rustic Shingle can be installed over wood shingles provided the shingle
   butt is no more 3/8” thick, the shingles are smooth and they are installed over a solid

   1. Section 05500 – Metal fabrications.

   2. Section 07600 – Flashing and Sheet Metal: Other sheet metal work not specified in
      this section.

   3. Section 07700 – Roof Specialties & Accessories.

   4. Section 07800 – Skylights.


A. Aluminum Association: “Publication 35: Specifications for aluminum sheet metal work
   in building construction.”

B. American Society for Testing and Materials, current edition to apply:

   B209 – Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheet and Plate.

C. Underwriters Laboratory: Building Materials Directory.


A. Structural Design: Comply with design criteria.

B. Watertightness: No uncontrolled water leakage shall occur through roof system.

C. Wind Uplift: Shall be installed to meet applicable building codes.

D. Fire Safety: Shall be installed to meet applicable building codes.

E. Material Compatibility: Prevent contact between dissimilar metals and between metals
   and potentially corrosive or staining substances.

F. Special Environmental Conditions: Roof shall be compatible with following
   environmental conditions when applicable:

   1. Marine environment.

   2. High industrial pollution levels.

G. Expansion and Contraction: Shall be installed to accommodate thermal expansion and


A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's specifications, standard detail drawings and
   installation instructions.

B. Shop Drawings:

   1. Submit shop drawings indicating thickness and dimensions of parts, fastenings and
      anchoring methods.

   2. Indicate roof terminations, clearly showing flashings and change of direction.

   3. Clearly indicate locations of field-applied sealant.

   4. Show locations of nailing clipsand types of hold-down clips and fasteners.

   5. Provide a plan showing layout of entire roof.

C. Samples:

   1. Submit two sample panels s, 12" long x 12” wide,showing metal gaugethickness,
      seam profile and required finish.

   2. Submit standard color samples on metal for Architect's selection.

D. Applicators: Submit list of completed Projects and name of Architects.


A. Manufacturer’s Qualifications:

   1. Twenty years minimum experience in factory fabrication of metal roofing systems.

   2. Products listed in this specification section are as manufactured by Classic
      Products, Inc.

   3. No other bidder will be accepted without prior written approval of architect
      based upon other manufacturer's products meeting all specified requirements.

   4. Substitution requests must be submitted at least ten working days prior to bid
      date and approved substitutions will be set forth in an addendum.

   5. No substitutions will be permitted after bid date.

   6. No fax requests will be accepted.

B. Installer’s Qualifications: Installer shall provide necessary manpower and equipment
   to assure progress of work in accordance with Project schedule. Installer shall employ
   a foreman on Project site who shall have a minimum of five years experience installing
   similar products on comparable projects.

C. Regulatory Requirements: Comply with requirements of applicable building codes and
   other agencies having jurisdiction for wind uplift ratings.

D. Pre-Installation Conference:

   1. Conduct meeting.

   2. Convene and conduct pre-installation conference.
      Notify others whose work requires coordination with roof installation.

   3. Review and coordinate scheduling, sequencing of trades that influence roof
      installation, tool and utility requirements, and other Project requirements.


A. Comply with manufacturer’s delivery, storage and handling instructions.

B. Schedule deliveries to assure continuous progress of work.

C. Protect products against damage.

D. Store under waterproof covering, with proper ventilation to prevent condensation.

E. Inspect materials upon arrival at site and note damaged materials. Do not install
   damaged materials.

F. Verify access limitations to site and roof.
   Verify that materials proposed to be stored or staged on roof do not exceed
   structural limitations of building.


A. Schedule work of this Section to avoid impeding work of other sections.


A. Furnish manufacturer’s standard limited transferable warranty stating architectural
   fluorocarbon finish will be:

   1. Free of fading or color change in excess of 5 NBS units as measured per ASTM
      D2244 for a period of 20 years.

   2. Will not chalk in excess of numerical rating of 8 when measured in accordance
      with standard procedures specified in ASTM D659 for a period of 20 years.

   3. Will not peel, crack or delaminate for a period of 50 years.

B. Furnish written warranty signed by applicator for five-year period from date of
   substantial completion of building covering repairs required to maintain roof and
   flashings in watertight conditions.



A. Acceptable Product: Rustic Shingle aluminum roofing panels as manufactured by
   Classic Products, Inc., Piqua, OH, Tel. 1-800-543-8938.

B. Substitutions:

   1. Substitutions must fully comply with specified requirements.

   2. Refer to Quality Assurance Section 1.05 for substitution request procedures.


A. Panels:

   1. Provide factory-formed interlocking panels with a 12” x 24” exposure each
      produced from .019” thick aluminum alloy 3105.


A. General: Accessories shall be as recommended by roof system manufacturer to meet
   performance criteria.

B. Underlayment:

   1. One layer 30 lb. asphalt felt; ASTM D226; or One one layer RoofTopGuard II
      poly-based underlayment.

C. Flashing:

   1. Flashings shall provide for positive drainage, prevent ponding of water, and
      allow moisture to drain off roof without affecting underlying construction.
      Flashing to prevent capillary action.

   2. Flashings utilizing pop rivets must be self-sealing or sealed with sealant and
      always be above line of water flow.

D. Penetration Seals:

   1. Round Penetrations: Flash with aluminum and neoprene pipe boots.

   2. Rectangular Openings: Flash with flashings compatible with roof system.

E. Snow Retention Devices: If necessary, provide and install snow retention devices
   approved by roof manufacturer for use with roof system.

F. Fasteners:

   1. Fasten through the integrated nailing tab on the top of the panel and a nail clip
      provided by the roof system manufacturer. Each panel is secured to the deck with
      two fasteners.

   2. Provide fasteners of sizes and types required by Project conditions to meet
      performance specifications and roof manufacturer’s recommendations. Fasteners
      shallbe corrosion resistant and compatible with roofing and other materials.

   3. Pop Rivets: Provide non-corroding, not-staining type. They shall be sealed and
      located above flow of water. Rivets shall have a minimum shank diameter of 0.125
      inches and shall be of sufficient length to form a proper head.

G. Sealants:

   1. Sealants shall be color-matched butyl rubber sealant provided by roof system
      manufacturer, non-corrosive and compatible to adjacent material.

   2. Seal with cartridge-type sealant.

      a. Sealants shall remain fluid.

      b. Sealants shall adhere to panel surfaces. Clean panels that may be lightly coated
         with lubricants or airborne contaminants. Sealants must be compatible with
         contiguous materials.

c. Sealants should be applied only to dry surfaces.


A. Painted.

   1. Pretreatment: Metal shall undergo continuous cleaning, rinsing, and chemical
      conversion process immediately prior to painting.

   2. Exterior Coat:

      a. Primer coat shall be 0.2 mil minimum average thick, fully cured, and corrosion
         resistant and flexible base for topcoat.

      b. Topcoat shall yield a 0.7 mil minimum average thick coating. Topcoat shall be
         fully cured and of consistent color throughout Project.

      c. Adhesion:

         i. Bend Test: 1/8” mandrel, no tape pull-off per ASTM D522.

         ii. Reverse Impact: 3 x metal thickness per ASTM D2794.

      d. Corrosion Resistance:

         i. Salt Spray: 1000 hours per ASTM B117.

      e. Accelerated Weathering: 2000 hours hours of weathering in a Xenon Arc
         Weatherometer per ASTM G23 or ASTM G26.

      f. Weatherability: 5 year South Florida or equivalent exterior exposure:

         i. Color Retention: 5 AEE units maximum degradation per ASTM D2244.

         ii. Chalk resistance: 8 minimum rating per ASTM D4214.

   3. Gloss Retention: 75% minimum retention per ASTM D523.

   4. Back Coat: Corrosion resistant primer plus wash coat, 0.7 mil minimum average
      total dry thickness.

B. Color: As selected by architect from manufacturer’s standard colors. (Custom colors
   available, consult manufacturer.)


A. Panel Construction: Uniformly dimensioned. Fasteners and nailing clips shall be



A. Examine substrate to ensure it is solid and smooth.

B. Do not commence installation until field conditions have been verified.

C. Ensure cuttings from field fabrication are removed prior to installation.


A. Field measure prior to fabrication of custom fabricated items.

B. Lay out work to provide random appearance and to avoid short courses. Where field
   cutting is required, make cuts in a workmanlike manner.

C. Protection:

   1. Adjacent surfaces: When possible, install flashings prior to siding and stucco

   2. Dissimilar metals: Isolate any dissimilar metals to prevent corrosion.


A. General: Comply with approved shop drawings, manufacturer’s installation
   instructions, and applicable construction and safety regulations.

B. Underlayment: Install underlayment according to procedures recommended by roof
   system manufacturer.

C. Panels shall be interlocked with each other and securely attached to the roof deck.

D. Flashings:

   1. Follow approved details.

   2. Flashings shall be lapped four inches and fastened 12 inches on center.

   3. Lap valley minimum of six inches.

   4. Allow for expansion and contraction of lineal accessories.

E. Protective Materials: Provide temporary protective materials if needed to protect
   previously installed roof surfaces.

F. Sealants:

   1. Apply only to dry surfaces in accordance with sealant and roof manufacturer’s

   2. Apply only in bend thickness of minimum 3/8”.Remove excess sealant from exposed

   3. Apply in workmanlike manner.

   4. Install sealants only when ambient temperature and conditions are in accordance
      with sealant manufacturer’s recommendations.

G. Accessories: Securely install in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


A. Protect roof from damage by work of other sections on, above, or adjacent to roof.

B. Installed panels and accessories shall be secured before leaving roof area at end
   of day.

C. Keep installed roof clean and protected from damage.

D. Clean gutters of roof installation debris at completion.

E. Repair minor damage to finishes. Use matching coatings recommended by roof
   manufacturer. Remove and replace items which can not be satisfactorily repaired.

F. Protect roofing from metal filings or shavings.
   Metal filings or shavings shall be cleaned from panels or flashing surfaces by
   end of each day.

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