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Metal vs. Asphalt Roofs

metal roofWhy should I consider a lifetime metal roof ?

7 to 10 million tons of asphalt shingle waste is added to our landfills every year. But many times, a new metal roof can be installed directly over a shingle roof. This can save you thousands of dollars on installation.

In itself, metal roofing does not waste any resources ... many styles are made with up to 98% recycled metal. We can tell you if your shingle roof can stay on under your new one.

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houseMany roofs, while maintaining weather tightness, begin to look aged in a relatively short period of time. Not so with Classic Metal Roofs metal roofs! A Classic Metal Roofs metal roof provides a harmonic balance between its functional and aesthetic lives. In addition, Classic metal roofs actually build value into the worth of your home!

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houseWhile metal roofing by Classic Metal Roofs is selected by discriminating, quality-conscious homeowners, it is also specified by architects on projects as varying as churches, condominiums, and libraries. We will do whatever we can to help you integrate Classic metal roofing into your next award-winning project.

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recycle loop
Our roofs are made
from 95% recycled
beverage cans.

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Comparing hI-R Coatings and Standard Coatings

hI-R coated metal shingle vs. standard shingle

hi-R coated metal shinglesClassic roofs coated with hI-R paint help create a cooler, more energy efficient building due to the special reflective pigments embedded in the finish. The complex chemical structure of these pigments reflects away the infrared portion of the sun’s rays most responsible for heat build up. So while also maintaining color consistency and fade protection, hI-R Heat Barrier technology provides all the advantages of greater reflectance, without sacrificing color choices.

For steep sloped roofs, the EPA’s Energy Star Program has established the minimum reflectance at 25% after the initial roof installation. In the past, only very light colors could achieve this standard. But now, with Classic Products’ new hI-R color technology, darker colors such as Mustang Brown and Forest Green can also be Energy Star Compliant!

reflectometerThe photo on the left shows a reflectometer -- a machine that calculates a roof’s solar reflectance. The chart below shows the reflectance value of Classic Products’ new hI-R colors which are now available.

Old Color New Color Solar Reflectance
Cedar RedTerra Red37%
Antique BrownCaramel32%
Mocha BrownMustang Brown31%
Sierra BrownShake Gray30%
Hazy GrayShake Gray30%
Pavilion GreenForest Green28%
Pearl BlackBlack28%
Charchoal GrayDeep Charcoal27%
Oceanside BlueSeaside BlueN/A

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