Metal Roofing: Why Your Neighborhood Needs It

In this day and age, people are constantly looking for innovative, yet cost-effective ways to enhance the value and beauty of their homes. Since, in most cases, the home is a person’s most valuable and prized possession, this endeavor is always a pretty high priority. Furthermore, maintaining that value and beauty is an even higher priority for people that have already spent a considerable amount of time and invested a good sum of money in order to beautify and increase the worth of their home.

As metal roofing continues to grow in popularity among homeowners who are tired of the short lives and ordinary looks of other roofing materials, more and more metal roofing products are being selected for residential projects. This change in the construction market is due in part to the continuing public education about the benefits of metal roofing, and also the explosion in availability of different types of metal roofing products. Metal roofing adorns tens of thousands of homes nationwide, and that number is growing rapidly. Many closely associated with the metal roofing industry strongly believe that in the next 10 to 20 years, metal will actually become the norm for roofing materials, as opposed to the asphalt shingles most commonly used today. If you are considering a roof for your home, there are many reasons why you should consider a metal roof from Classic Products:

  • Classic Products metal roofing comes in more styles, colors, and profiles than traditional roofing materials.
  • Classic Products metal roofing systems are a much more attractive roofing option than traditional roofing materials.
  • Metal roofs can complement virtually any architectural style, and do so in a very dramatic way.
  • With our unique coating and manufacturing process, our roofing products will not streak and stain as they age.
  • Classic Products metal roofing will enhance property beauty and value.
  • With Classic Products Metal roofs, there is no noticable difference in noise compared to other roofing products. In fact, Classic Products roofing is many times quieter than other materials, like a wood shake shingle.
  • Roofs are applied mainly over solid decking and ithe existing insulation.
  • Classic Products Metal roofs’ deep texture breaks up the soundboard affect, air space beneath the shingles deaden the sound, noise is rarely a concern.
  • Metal conducts electricity but does not “attract” it.
  • Lightning will hit highest object.
  • Roofs can be grounded if desired.
  • No additional risk compared to asphalt shingles.
Wind Resistance
  • Many metal roofing products have passed wind and uplift tests including UL 580 that tests to 90 psf (simulates 150+ mph wind speed).
  • Dade County, Florida and coastal Texas have given approval on many of our roofing products.
  • Proper installation important. That is why Classic Products use only authorized independant dealers for distribution and installation of our roofing systems.
  • Classic Products roofing has passed UL 2218 Impact Resistance Testing at its most severe level.
  • Insurance discounts are granted in some states for those homeowners with metal roofing. (Texas)
  • Classic Products metal roofing does not lose impact resistance with age (i.e., does not become brittle due to freeze/thaw cycle).
Fire Safety
  • Classic Products roofing systems have either
  • Class A, B, and C ratings to ensure peace of mind.
  • A higher fire rating is achieved through underlayment.
  • Classic Products roofing systems are Non-combustible to protect against airborne sparks, etc.
  • Classic Products metal roofs are produced from high quality materials that allow them to be walked on without fear of damage.
  • Some formed panels have optional strengthening backers for high traffic areas.
  • Four way interlock and clip fastened design assures that your roof stays put, even in the most severe weather.

These are just a few of the many benefits of metal roofing. To learn more, click here to request additional information. There is no doubt that metal roofing is continuing to grow in popularity at an unprecedented rate. While people are almost always fearful of change to some degree, the switch to metal roofing is one change people can make with utmost confidence that they are making a choice that will positively impact their lives. Metal roofing is, as many individual homeowners are already realizing, the wave of the future. Without question, this building product is consistent with the needs and goals of almost any architectural review board due to its value, durability, energy efficiency, longevity, and overall beauty. Once metal roofing is introduced into a neighborhood, it is not long at all before it is the standard by which all other roofing products are judged.

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