Project Profile: Metal Shingle Roof Installation, Oxford 'Slate', Sudbury, MA

Description: Built up cold roof, Sudbury Massachusetts. The challenge here was to add insulation and ventilation to a roof that had neither. The pitch on this roof is 3/12, which is considered a low pitch by most standards and certainly for a roof here in New England. The existing roof was asphalt shingles, about 15 years old, and was giving the homeowners a lot of trouble. There were ice dams in the winter, with multiple leaks during heavy wind-driven rain storms.
The roof was stripped down to the tongue and groove wood deck and the waste was properly disposed of. Insulation was added (built up) to bring the house up to code and the ventilation (cold roof) was installed so that the roof worked the way it is supposed to. Metal roofing shingle was the customer’s choice. The metal roofing color was copper penny. Check out the story board below to see the results of this project.
Showcase Project III image 1 Pre-galvanized continuous vent with “rafters” inserted and extended over the existing roof deck to create a ventilated soffit.
Showcase Project III image 2 Field shot of new “rafters” spaced every 16” on center over the new built up insulation.
Showcase Project III image 3 Working to get the “rafters” secured through the insulation and into the wood deck.
Showcase Project III image 4 Close up of continuous soffit vent material installed at eave edge over built up insulation.
Showcase Project III image 5 Getting ready to raise the skylights. You can see them in their original position on the old roof.
Showcase Project III image 6 Making sure things line up straight!
Showcase Project III image 7 View of the continuous vent and fascia detail before the drip edge is added.
Showcase Project III image 8 Skylights raised and installed on new roof deck.
Showcase Project III image 9 Installation of Oxford “Slate” metal shingle in copper penny (Energy Star rated).
Showcase Project III image 10 Getting it done before the weather moves in on us.
Showcase Project III image 11 Finished drip edge, soffit vent detail, and fascia.
Showcase Project III image 12 Installing the vented ridge cap.
Showcase Project III image 13 Project completed.
Another satisfied client!
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