• Kynar/Hylar Special Colors

    ISSUE In some cases, despite Classic Products’ wide variety of standard colors, customers have a need for special colors. ANALYSIS There are several issues in achieving special colors. First, the color must be matched. Second, Classic Products’ suppliers require minimum orders for special colors. Third, some colors may require exotic pigments or other things that… ( read more )

  • Kynar/Hylar Fade Performance

    ISSUE Property owners want to know that the finish on their metal roofing is going to maintain its good looks. ANALYSIS Classic Products has chosen to offer its metal roofing products only with Kynar/Hylar finishes because of the outstanding long-term performance of those finishes. Our fade warranty on these products typically includes 30-year coverage against… ( read more )

  • What did they tell you about the warranty?

    Have you ever had a salesman in your home that said “this is the price today, it’s only good right now.” How about, “let me call my manager to see if there is anything we can do about the price“. Well these type of salespeople know something you don’t. Once they leave, without a sale,… ( read more )

  • A Metal Roofing Steeple in West Acton, Massachusetts

    The steeple that towers over the village of West Acton has been a bit of an eyesore for many years. Our involvement in this project is only part of the restoration of the entire building. The decision to clad the steeple in white Kynar-coated aluminum came after many hours of debate. A copper covering was the first choice, but it was decided that the associated cost was too high. Settling for the less expensive aluminum was still a great choice. We think you will agree when you see the finished project.

  • Streaked Fascias

    FACT Owners of homes with metal roofs have sometimes reported dark streaks occurring on their eave fascia boards after the roof is installed. ANALYSIS Although some homeowners worry that the streaks might be from paint washing off of the roofing, they can rest assured that this is definitely not the case with metal roof systems… ( read more )