Author: Renee Ramey


metal roofing

Winter is coming. No matter where you live, that means it’s time to tackle some essential roof care and maintenance. Whether you have asphalt, tile or metal roofing, don’t put off roof care. Surprise cold snaps and sub-zero temperatures—such as what homeowners in areas like Texas experienced last year—can come on suddenly and catch unsuspecting homeowners… ( read more )

Ask Before You Buy a Roof: 6 Essential Questions

Ask the right questions

After a long, harsh winter, spring is the time when many homeowners realize it’s finally time to replace their roofs. And because every re-roofing project is different, it’s important to ask your roofing contractor the right questions well in advance to ensure you are making the best decision for your home. According to Metal Roofing… ( read more )

Raising the Roof in 2021: Peak Roof Performance

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Throughout the U.S and Canada, 2020 was a prime time for roof replacements. Whether driven by an increased in home improvements, record low interest rates or severe weather and natural disasters, the re-roofing market experienced strong demand last year and shows no signs of slowing in 2021. In fact, it’s actually picking up. Make a… ( read more )

How Metal Roofs Add Up to Better Value for Your Home Improvement Dollar

The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) fields a lot of questions from homeowners about how to get the best value for their roofing dollar. It’s an important topic and one that deserves careful consideration before replacing the roof on your home. There are many factors to weigh when it comes to maximizing value which is why… ( read more )

Curb Appeal is an Investment That Pays Off

Great Curb Appeal Pays Off, No Matter What the Real Estate Market When it comes to residential real estate values, curb appeal is a hot topic.  This always gets a lot of attention—and for good reason. Experts agree that making a great first impression is an investment that pays off.  This can especially add value… ( read more )