Hidden Benefits of Installing a Metal Roofing System

When it comes to enhancing the value of the home and providing protection against the elements, no other roofing material does both better than an aluminum metal roof. The benefits aren’t necessarily as noticeable or as obvious as the curb appeal an aluminum roof brings to the home. Today, we discuss these hidden benefits of… ( read more )

In With The New: 5 Top Trends For Metal Roofs In 2020

Resiliency, great value and long-lasting performance: Homeowners want it all in 2020 and fortunately, the latest styles and trends for metal roofs are delivering. Just in time for the new year, the biggest metal roofing trends include how best to cope with regional climate extremes, show off styles and colors in new and exciting ways… ( read more )

Italian Beef Brisket “Braciole”

Italian Beef Brisket Braciole

Another family favorite by Mike! As good as it gets, without a lot of the work typically needed to be done for beef braciole! Serves 6-8 Prep time 30 minutes Cooking time 3.5 hours What you need: The ingredients For the meat: 4.5lb +/- beef brisket 3/ Tbsp of olive oil 1/ tsp pink kosher… ( read more )

4 Factors That Affect Metal Roof Costs

The cost of a metal roof is influenced by several factors. Your understanding of these factors can help you decide whether to get an “entry-level” or an “investment grade” residential metal roofing system. Today, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, your local metal roof company, discusses four of them below. Type of Metal Steel, aluminum, copper, and… ( read more )

Why You Don’t Want a Metal Roof on Your Home?

(The cons) by a ghost writer Why would anyone want a metal roof on their home anyway? If you start looking around, you’re bound to see more and more of these roofs getting installed on homes, even in your own neighborhood. Is there a good reason why metal roofs are the fastest growing segment of… ( read more )