Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Install a Metal Roof on your Home

Gain a better understanding about the environmental impact and energy efficiency advantages of aluminum metal roofing. Reducing your carbon footprint is something everyone can do. Homeowners can make a huge impact by adding an energy star rated aluminum metal roof.,-Install-a-Metal-Roof-on-Your-Home&id=2313717

White is the New Green in Metal Roofing

White roofs have become the rage in metal roofing over the last year. Is there a new awareness in the environmental impact and energy efficiency of these highly reflective gems? click on this link below or paste it into your browser

Energy News: Energy Secretary & Phoenix Mayor

Energy chief Steven Chu joins Phoenix mayor’s push for white roofs‎ – 17 hours ago Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and US Energy Secretary Steven Chu are on the … Chu voiced support for white roofs Wednesday at an energy conference in London. … – 138 related articles »

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