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5 Types of Metal Roofing Colors

One of the best features of metal roofing is it can accommodate virtually any color, which gives you more flexibility with your exterior color palette. Metal roofing installation expert Classic Metal Roofs LLC takes a look at the metal roofing colors available for metal roofs. Standard — Standard roof coating is like regular paint in… ( read more )

Sound is No Problem With Metal Roofing

Sound Transmission Performance of Metal Roofs is Music to Homeowners’ Ears April showers may bring spring flowers, but with the rainy season right around the corner, the question that often crops up this time of year is if metal roofs are any noisier than other types of roofs.  Sound transmission is no problem with metal… ( read more )

High Wind Locations Ideal for Metal Roof

Most building contractors and architects will tell you that the best kind of material for high wind locations is a metal roof. This might not seem like the most logical option right away, but metal roofs are great at and known for resisting high winds. In fact, some well-installed metal roofs can withstand hurricane-force up… ( read more )

An Aluminum Metal Roof Improves a Home’s Energy Efficiency

Today, homeowners look to enhance energy efficiency in their homes. Many of them, in fact, are interested in projects that will keep their indoors comfortable while minimizing energy consumption and its costs. Installing an aluminum metal roof is one of the best things you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Classic Metal Roofs… ( read more )

Prevent Ice Dams to Avoid Winter Damage

Avoid Costly Winter Damage Caused by Rooftop Ice Dams Throughout the U.S., cold snaps are hitting homeowners hard this winter with temperatures dipping down well below zero in many regions. The sudden freeze and thaw caused by conditions like a polar vortex can cause massive rooftop issues for homeowners who aren’t prepared. That’s because ice… ( read more )