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Ask Angie: Overlay new roof over the old roof?

We need a new roof. A builder suggested we overlay new roof on the existing layer of shingles. Is it wise to do this? My concern is how would we know about any underlying damage? I would appreciate any input about the pros and cons of this method. Overlaying New Roof? Make it Metal. In… ( read more )

Alternative Energy Efficiency Update

Discussions about federal regulations on Energy Star ratings and energy efficient products continue and homeowners need to keep a pulse on the changes. The latest issue of Consumer Reports looks to help shoppers make the best decisions for their needs and possibly save some cash. Consumer Reports recent tests revealed some of the best appliances,… ( read more )

Roof Maintenance Will Prolong Life of a Roof

Roofs play a key role in protecting you and the interior of your home from outside weather conditions, primarily moisture. Roofs also provide protection from the sun. In fact, if designed correctly, roof overhangs can protect the building’s exterior walls from moisture and sun. Most roofs last many years if properly installed and maintained. Maintenance… ( read more )

Major Focus on Alternative Energy by Jamaica

The volatility of the global energy market has forced consuming countries worldwide to take a serious look at the skyrocketing cost and its impact on their economies, and to plan and implement strategies aimed at reducing their dependence on fossil fuel. The [Jamaican] Government, which is also feeling the effects of the cost of imported… ( read more )

Metal Roofs Look Better than Ever

The term “metal roof” can conjure up images of dull, flimsy corrugated sheet metal rusting away on top of an old dilapidated house. But times – and metal roofs – are changing. “Metal roofs have been around for years, but over the last few years they’ve really evolved,” says Angie Hicks, founder of the consumer… ( read more )