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Prevent Ice Dams to Avoid Winter Damage

Avoid Costly Winter Damage Caused by Rooftop Ice Dams Throughout the U.S., cold snaps are hitting homeowners hard this winter with temperatures dipping down well below zero in many regions. The sudden freeze and thaw caused by conditions like a polar vortex can cause massive rooftop issues for homeowners who aren’t prepared. That’s because ice… ( read more )

Tearing Off Existing Roofing Gets More Expensive

Waste disposal costs of demolition material have been consistently rising throughout 2017. Waste disposal services have largely eaten most, if not all, of the additional costs this year. In some instances, these waste services are taking material, such as asphalt, to landfills in other states. Landfills are closing and we are running out of room. … ( read more )

Metal Roofing and Snow Retention

One of the major factors for homeowners when considering a metal roof in the Northeast is the fact that they shed the potential heavy buildup of snow, and protect the home from the damages that ice dams can create. While shedding snow and ice is a nice feature of metal roofing, it can also be… ( read more )

The Metal Roofing Revolution

Metal roofing has become a popular choice due to its longevity, beauty, and performance. It is an environmentally friendly choice as well. In addition to out-performing all other roof types during harsh winters, the metal roofing revolution has gained market and mind share because metal roofing manufacturers are offering more choices in colors and styles to meet the demands of a discriminating residential market. From advanced standing seam systems to interlock metal roofing shingles, there are a lot of choices!

“The Competition” vs. Classic Metal Roofs (Part 4)

boxing gloves

So you have decided that a metal roof might be the right solution for your home. The final decisions to be made are what product or products will you use and what color? The quality of the product will, as we shall see, be intimately tied to the strength of the factory and installer warranties offered on the product.