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So You Need to Choose a Roof for Your Log Home?

Have you noticed Log Cabin House 3 that most of the Log Home Builders’ and manufacturers’ brochures and pictures on the web display their homes with beautiful metal roofs? There is a good reason for that. Metal roofing is the proven choice for log cabin style and timber frame homes. Not only does it look terrific, but some of them have a life expectancy of close to 100 years.

5 Reasons to Have Your Metal Roof Installed Before Winter Hits

A metal roofing company can install a roof any time of year. However, there are benefits to having a metal roof installed before winter weather arrives.

Metal Roofs: Eight Myths Uncovered

Myths come and go about metal roofs. The transformations of and improvements to the metal roof product that have occurred over the years render these myths largely obsolete. Following are eight of the today’s most common myths – and answers to them. 1. Metal Roofs Are Ugly On the contrary, today’s metal materials offer more… ( read more )

Residential Solar Power Economics Are Compelling – With or Without Subsidies

Almost as inexorable as death and taxes has been a rising secular trend in the demand for electricity in the United States – at the utility companies/wholesale level, that is. Or so we have always thought. Yet, since the summer of 2008 electricity demand as seen by the utilities has marginally declined. That has not… ( read more )

Cedar Roofing – Old World Charm, New World Challenges

If you are thinking of having a new cedar roof installed in order to create that Old World charm, or replacing an existing roof with cedar, you may wish to reconsider. Cedar does evoke a warm feeling of simpler times and cottage-like qualities as no other building material does. Cedar siding and roofing blends well… ( read more )