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Welcome … again

Following a two year hiatus we will be regularly posting on this blog again — bringing you a few carefully considered posts each week on the general subjects of metal roofing and alternative energy.

Solazyme Funding Surpasses $76 Million

Solazyme, Inc., a renewable oil production company and leader in algal synthetic biology, announced that it has surpassed $76 million in funding, which includes a $57 million Series C financing round that just closed. Solazyme uses microalgae biotechnology to produce clean and scalable fuels, “green” chemicals, edible oils and health and wellness products.

Welcome to our Blog

We are glad you are here. We have created this blog for people who are interested in metal roofing and green living in general. Our intention here is to provide you, the homeowner, with pertinent information toward making your home green. This will be about more than metal roofing. We will attempt to bring you… ( read more )