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Top 4 Reasons to Replace Your Asphalt Roof

an old asphalt roof

In this post, metal roof contractor Classic Metal Roofs, LLC lists the top 4 reasons to replace your asphalt roof during any season, winter, spring, summer, or fall. When you’re planning to replace your roof, you’re going to have a lot on your plate. You’ll need to explain what’s about to happen to everyone in… ( read more )

Smart Home Improvement Decisions

Best ROI Home Renovations Recession fears often cause homeowners to think twice about home renovation projects and prioritize those that offer the best return on their investment. To weather economic uncertainty, making smart home improvement decisions is a lesson that lingers for homeowners who lived through the 2008 housing bubble. That’s why, no matter what… ( read more )

Metal Accents for Your Roof

Metal Accents on Copulas, Porches, Porticos, Bay Windows and Additions

Metal Accents on Cupolas, Porches, Porticos, Bay Windows and AdditionsHave you ever considered giving the exterior of your home a little flair? Have you ever considered adding an architectural accent to your roof? Home improvement is one thing, but home accentuation is another. In this case, a metal accent roof does both. One of the… ( read more )

Customer Reviews Are Important When Hiring A Roofer

Run an online search for metal roofing companies in your area and you are going to find several of them. Checking essential qualifications such as a valid license, insurance, and products represented can help narrow down your list. Customer reviews are a valuable resource that’s often overlooked. Classic Metal Roofs LLC discusses why customer feedback… ( read more )

4 Things to Do Before a Roof Replacement

As a metal roofing contractor, we understand some people contemplating leaving home for a while during the roof replacement process. After all, it will be a noisy and laborious job so you probably thought it would be best if you and your household avoid getting in the way of the workers. However, moving out during… ( read more )