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6 Reasons a Metal Roof Can Increase the Value of Your Home in 2016

When considering new roof options for your home, it is easy to disregard metal as a potential material. For many of us, the words “metal roof” prompt mental images of sheds and barns or agricultural storage buildings. However, the metal roofing industry has come a long way in recent years – and the national demand… ( read more )

Metal Roofs: Eight Myths Uncovered

Myths come and go about metal roofs. The transformations of and improvements to the metal roof product that have occurred over the years render these myths largely obsolete. Following are eight of the today’s most common myths – and answers to them. 1. Metal Roofs Are Ugly On the contrary, today’s metal materials offer more… ( read more )

Cedar Roofing – Old World Charm, New World Challenges

If you are thinking of having a new cedar roof installed in order to create that Old World charm, or replacing an existing roof with cedar, you may wish to reconsider. Cedar does evoke a warm feeling of simpler times and cottage-like qualities as no other building material does. Cedar siding and roofing blends well… ( read more )

Classic Metal Roofs, LLC Announces Popularity of Latest “Slate Rock” Aluminum Metal Shingles

Architects, designers and homeowners throughout southern New England are turning to aluminum metal roofs as the superior alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. This year Classic Metal Roofs, LLC is experiencing increased interest in aluminum metal roofing for new residential construction. The company announced that their newly-released metal roofing material, “slate rock” aluminum metal shingles, has… ( read more )

Metal Roofing Reviews: How to Avoid the Long-Standing Seamy Underside of the Metal Roofing Industry.

When the time comes to select a metal roofing contractor, doing in-depth research on multiple contractors prior to meeting with any of them is a step in the selection process that should never be skipped. Provided that you conduct extensive research, it is essential that the quality of such is not skimped on. Like many… ( read more )