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Why Is a Metal Roofing Underlayment Important?

While the underlayment of your metal roofing system is not visible, it helps protect your home from water damage. There are typically two underlayments used when metal roofing is installed on a home.  Whether you have standing seam or metal shingle metal roofing, having the right underlayment will prevent moisture from damaging your deck and… ( read more )

Roofing Questions to Ask If You Own a Home or Before Buying a Home

Roofing Questions to Ask if You Own a Home or Before Buying a Home There are a lot of things to consider when you own a home and when you are buying a home, and one of them is the roof. Afterall, the roof is the first line of defense for any home in a… ( read more )

Our Estimate Process During COVID-19

You are probably asking yourself if it makes sense or is necessary to invite someone over to your house and invite them in to provide a detailed estimate and answer your many questions. Why take the risk of an in-person appointment while potentially exposing yourself to the COVID-19 virus? Believe it or not, we have… ( read more )

Why Choose an Aluminum Standing Seam Metal Roof for Your Home

standing seam metal roofing

Are you planning to replace your old asphalt roof this year? If so, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you have an abundance of metal options when it comes to residential roof replacement. Apart from usual asphalt, you have wood cedar shakes, slate, plastic, and metal shingle roofing. While most of these are acceptable… ( read more )

Metal Roofing Popularity Soars in 2020

Metal Roofing Popularity Soars as Homeowners Seek Greater Long-Term Value The first of 2020 is coming to a close.  All signs indicate that metal roofing is going to be as popular as ever with homeowners this year. The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is the industry’s leading nonprofit trade association group. They report that metal roofing… ( read more )