Lancaster, MA

Metal Roofing Benefits for Lancaster MA Homeowners

Lancaster MA homeowners need not be scared off by images on tin roofs of the past. Today’s metal roofing is not only attractive but also incredibly environmentally friendly and efficient when installed by Classic Metal Roofs on your home.

  • Curb Appeal. Regardless of the style of your home, Classic Metal Roofs offers a roofing style that is sure to make your home shine! Our standard prototypes include aluminum standing seam metal roofing, aluminum metal shingle roofing, and aluminum shake metal roofing. If these styles do not fit your design image, we also offer custom fabricated copper, aluminum, and zinc metal roofing.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Metal roofing is treated with a special ENERGY STAR®-compliant finish which allows it to reflect solar energy, helping to keep your home cooler during warm months, making it incredibly energy efficient. In addition to being impressively efficient, aluminum metal roofing consists of 95% recyclable material. At the end of your roofs long lifespan, it is also recyclable, unlike the asphalt shingle roofing which it outlasts by 3 to 4 times!
  • Longevity. As previously mentioned, asphalt shingle roofing offers a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years in the Lancaster, MA area. Metal roofing on the other hand can last 50 years or longer! This long lifespan means that your new metal roof could be the last roof you ever need to have installed!

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