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4 Common Myths About Metal Roofs Debunked

A modern day advancement in roofing materials is the use of aluminum metal. By hiring the right metal roofers, you can have a durable and high-quality system that lasts close to a century. It has become a premium roofing product and is widely used for residential structures. However, there some prevailing myths that cause people… ( read more )

New Hampshire, A Metal Roofing Mecca

If you live here, you already know that metal roofs are everywhere. If you don’t live in New Hampshire and come up to visit, you probably will make the comment, “Wow! Everywhere I look, I see metal roofs.” So, what’s with all the metal roofs in New Hampshire anyway? Well, from our perspective, there are… ( read more )

4 Common Metal Roof Problems

One of the best base metal materials for standing seam metal roofs today is aluminum. It’s a greener alternative than other base metals. It is durable and resistant to rust and even has energy-efficient properties that can benefit any home. If you do plan on installing a standing seam metal roof, you should understand the… ( read more )

Summer Is on the Way…We Hope!

It’s been a rough winter and spring, we can only hope we finally have some nice summer weather in the forecast. Historically, nobody thought much about their roof when it came to energy efficiency. In fact, it was traditionally the least energy-efficient part of the home exterior. However, the advent of “cool” metal products have… ( read more )

Maintenance Tips to Maximize Your Metal Roof’s Life

maximize your metal roofs life

The beauty of having a metal roofing system is minimal maintenance. Compared to asphalt shingle roofs, those made from aluminum, zinc or copper can live up to seven times longer without needing as much attention. That said, an average metal roof will still need some special maintenance every now and then to retain its charm… ( read more )